Internal Audit Log: 1.0

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I’m in rural North Carolina with a Mexican, a South African, and a Pakistani. It sounds like the start of a politically incorrect bar joke, but this is actually my real life, and this post is my continual effort to … Continue reading

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Enter the Matrix

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We used to experience new things and places for the sake of the experience. Something was gratifying about the new and the beautiful. Seeking truth and knowledge, beauty and understanding, were ends in and of themselves. That’s not the case … Continue reading

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Singapore Dungeons

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Many video games are filled with “dungeons.” These are multi-level, enclosed environments that the player has to navigate and eventually escape to advance to the next level of the game. There’s often puzzles, villains, and various challenges embedded in a … Continue reading

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Internal Audit Log: 0.5

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This isn’t my first Internal Audit rodeo. After college, I was a banking consultant with Ernst & Young, and my first project was in internal audit with Freddie Mac, the fabled mortgage financer in the United States. It was an … Continue reading

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From Future Leader to Present Leader

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This past week I completed my first year as a manager with Olam International and my membership in the Future Leaders Programme. The program had its ups and downs along with its side to sides. I certainly feel prepared to … Continue reading

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Update: Singapore

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Chasing Waterfalls

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The Great Pyramid of Cholula

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Librarians Against 5G!

Everyone loves 5G cellular internet. If you follow the media, 5G will enable the future. There’s also a battle between the US, China, and Europe over 5G technology and the potential for espionage that technological supremacy brings. 5G will usher … Continue reading

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The Continuing Adventures of Eric in Indonesia

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Last Monday morning, after racing between the different terminals at Kuala Lumpur airport, I got back to Indonesia after a few days in Goa, India for my friend’s wedding. While the wedding was great fun, I learned that Indian weddings … Continue reading

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