The Final Post

In my 2019 Newsletter, I announced that I am closing my blogs, in their current form, at the end of the year. I feel that I cannot freely write about what is inspiring me at the moment, so it feels like a natural time to end a good run.

My first blog post was published on November 15, 2013. It announced the creation of this blog and that I was joining the US Peace Corps. The intent of the blog was clear, at that time. I wanted “to journal, update friends and family, post picture[s], and to post videos”. 

I certainly posted a lot of updates, pictures, and videos, but it evolved into more than that. I departed Peace Corps service in May 2016, but the blog survived an additional three and a half years (longer than my PC service). In addition to chronicling where I went and what I saw and did, it became a venue for my thoughts and ideas and expressing them through writing. I enjoy this very much, and I thank you all for following along and occasionally sharing your thoughts or appreciation:

Recall that my posts wound up spread across three different web pages:

The first Incidents of Travel site has 196 posts, the second has 383, and there are 34 more on The Economics Of …

You can also see most of the videos here:


And then here:

I’ve collected some of my favorite posts if anyone wants to revisit my genius:

Old Site:

Semana Santa – Not as Holy as it Sounds

Frustration Rant

Wormhole Telica


New Site:

A Taste of Royalty

Being and Belonging

Have You Ever Been to Israel?

The Business School Paradox?

The Loudspeaker System?

Word of the Day: Dialectic

The Problem with Microfinance


The Economics Of …:

Bitcoin Mining

Business Models

Creative Economy


For now, I am leaving the websites up and running so anyone can go back and peruse them. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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