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I always have grand ambitions to write and document everything I experience and see. Sometimes time gets away from me or motivation wanes and I do not get to post about a place I go or something I see. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Grenoble was set to be my first destination ever in France, and it proved to be a great franco-training city. In the early hours of January 2 Luke and Catherine deposited me at Gatwick for an EasyJet flight to Milan, … Continue reading

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Incidence of Travel

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One of the delights of DuPont Circle in Washington DC is Kramerbooks, the local bookstore. Recently, while visiting DC I had dinner with a friend in DuPont and afterwards we spent a bit of time in the bookstore. I had … Continue reading

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Big Sur

A roundabout way from LA to Monterey Continue reading

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Do You Wanna Tijuana

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The River Charles

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Being and Belonging

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In January I found myself somewhere in the middle of France. I was in a BlaBla Car being driven from Lyon to my final destination, Paris. We stopped at a gas station and rest stop. The weather that day was … Continue reading

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How Travel and Transportation Promote Peace

There are more than 30 countries around the world that the UN considers “post-conflict.” This term means that in the past decades the country has experienced widespread violence, such as civil war or ethnic cleansing. The road to peace for … Continue reading

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“The Young People Will Win”

“The young people will win” is a mantra that I’m sure many of you have heard if you’ve been attentive to the media recently. It’s a phrase adopted by the prolific Stoneman Douglas teenagers who are advocating for an agenda … Continue reading

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Down in North Carolina

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Graduation was on Saturday, and today I moved out of North Carolina and headed up to New York. I realize that in my last post I failed to reflect on North Carolina as a place where I lived rather than … Continue reading

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