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Travel Unlocked

ChickenBus has launched! Head on over to and you will be able to search hundreds of bus routes in Nicaragua. Never before have the inter-city routes of Nicaragua been searchable over an easy-to-use interface. We are already hungry to expand to … Continue reading

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The New New

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Well, it’s really not all that new, but its themes and content will take a shift. If you’re lucky I may even redesign the look of the blog sometime soon (it hasn’t failed me yet though). Two months into my … Continue reading

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Chocolate Momotombo

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During my week in Managua I got over to a place near the Peace Corps office that I have been meaning to hit up: The Chocolate Momotombo factory and café. Chocolate Momotombo is one of the various artisan chocolate companies … Continue reading

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After I rang the bell and officially became a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer I decided to take a short trip to Honduras to visit the Mayan ruins of Copán. After the trip I was going to return to León, say … Continue reading

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Nueva Segovia

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When you are Peace Corps Volunteer in a foreign country sometimes that country can become your whole world. It seems very big, with so much to explore and visit. From time to time I certainly feel that way about Nicaragua, … Continue reading

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León Viejo

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León is the oldest city in Nicaragua, but it has not continuously occupied the same location. In 1610 it moved to its current location from what is known as León Viejo or León-Imabite (Imabite being the Spanish pronunciation of the … Continue reading

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Reaching New Heights

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  I think that if I started the Peace Corps over again I would express a desire for a smaller site. Not too too small, but certainly smaller than León, and without so many foreign travelers, volunteers, NGO’s, and university … Continue reading

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Indigenous Weavers of El Chile

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Last week in Nicaragua (all over the world, I suppose) was Semana Santa, and I got a little time to do some of my last travels through Nicaragua. I took the occasion to visit a small community outside of Matagalpa … Continue reading

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Volcano Logistics

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I’m sure that before long it will be time for me to write wrap-up articles about my time in Nicaragua and one of those may be a list of the volcanoes that I climbed and did various other activities on … Continue reading

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The Rocky Point Country Club – No Lefties Admitted

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“But the chief matter of property being now the fruits of the earth, and the beasts that subsist on it, but the earth itself, as that which takes in and carries with it all the rest, I think it is … Continue reading

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