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Librarians Against 5G!

Everyone loves 5G cellular internet. If you follow the media, 5G will enable the future. There’s also a battle between the US, China, and Europe over 5G technology and the potential for espionage that technological supremacy brings. 5G will usher … Continue reading

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The Continuing Adventures of Eric in Indonesia

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Last Monday morning, after racing between the different terminals at Kuala Lumpur airport, I got back to Indonesia after a few days in Goa, India for my friend’s wedding. While the wedding was great fun, I learned that Indian weddings … Continue reading

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Being and Belonging

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In January I found myself somewhere in the middle of France. I was in a BlaBla Car being driven from Lyon to my final destination, Paris. We stopped at a gas station and rest stop. The weather that day was … Continue reading

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“The Young People Will Win”

“The young people will win” is a mantra that I’m sure many of you have heard if you’ve been attentive to the media recently. It’s a phrase adopted by the prolific Stoneman Douglas teenagers who are advocating for an agenda … Continue reading

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During the course in Grenoble I had one free day. Grenoble is only a few hours from Geneva, which is in far western Switzerland. While no one raved about Geneva, I did hear that there were some nice sites to … Continue reading

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The Dam on the River Amstel

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Following Belgium, my dad and I took a BlaBla Car up to Amsterdam on Christmas Eve. Neither of us had ever been to The Netherlands apart from the airport. We were both greatly impressed! It’s a beautiful city, its relationship … Continue reading

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The Business School Paradox

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For some among us August 21 is the long-awaited day of the total solar eclipse. For those of us in the Kenan-Flagler Class of 2018, today is the first day of our second school year of classes. I have a … Continue reading

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Adapting to a New Normal

Last weekend I visited a fellow Nica 63 returned Volunteer. She is in medical school just an hour and a half away from me, and she found time in between anatomy lab and phlebotomy practice to spend a day with … Continue reading

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Transgenderism, Here and There

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I began writing this article months ago after HB2 was passed in North Carolina. I was still in Nicaragua at the time. Despite being surrounded and inspired by some great, really mindful people, mostly members of STAR and members of … Continue reading

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Asking Ourselves a Fundamental Question

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Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll about the future of Incidents of Travel! Most people would like me to continue the blog in one form or another, and I am going to strive to keep Incidents of … Continue reading

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