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How Travel and Transportation Promote Peace

There are more than 30 countries around the world that the UN considers “post-conflict.” This term means that in the past decades the country has experienced widespread violence, such as civil war or ethnic cleansing. The road to peace for … Continue reading

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Enduring an Evacuation

This video was made by a current Nicaraguan Peace Corps Volunteer about the recent evacuation that she had to endure. All Volunteers remain in the United States to this date, and it is extremely saddening for myself, all returned Volunteers, … Continue reading

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Adapting to a New Normal

Last weekend I visited a fellow Nica 63 returned Volunteer. She is in medical school just an hour and a half away from me, and she found time in between anatomy lab and phlebotomy practice to spend a day with … Continue reading

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What Next for Incidents?

The time has come to ask the question, “What should I do with this blog?” I am back from Nicaragua, I’ve posted about all of my experiences, and for the moment I have no further reflections that I would like … Continue reading

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First Rain

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The climate here in Nicaragua is not like the climate in most of the US. In the US, although we have rainier and drier seasons, no one would be surprised if it rained on any given day of the year. … Continue reading

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What Happens to a Park When Wi-Fi is Installed…

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The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

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I’m on a bit of a hot streak with facilitating some great teacher trainings, and I am highlighting what it is I do with the teachers here on the blog. This post is an explanation of my first teacher training … Continue reading

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El Niño Hiatus

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My most loyal readers have surely realized that I have not posted much lately. Things are hot and dusty here in León right now. Unfortunately, El Niño is walloping Nicaragua and much of Central America. A lot of communities are … Continue reading

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Turtle Hatch

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I got to a Volunteer get together at ETCA late, and as soon as I get there they are releasing turtles from their turtle sanctuary: ETCA actually purchases eggs from poachers (turtle eggs are a delicacy here) and then buries … Continue reading

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Gender Equality in Nicaragua

This article is being cross-posted on my economics blog, The Economics Of … Check out the other blog if you’d like! The article was also submitted to the Peace Corps Nicaragua Gender & Development Committee for publishing on their blog, but … Continue reading

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