“The Young People Will Win”

“The young people will win” is a mantra that I’m sure many of you have heard if you’ve been attentive to the media recently. It’s a phrase adopted by the prolific Stoneman Douglas teenagers who are advocating for an agenda – our rights to feel secure as humans. We frequently see these individuals behind a computer screen, and therefore we see them as a separate body from us. However, they possess the same capabilities as us graduates. As we enter into the real world, we must remember that we have a voice. Throughout the past four years at Holy Cross, I’ve learned how to utilize my voice to advocate for my beliefs as an ethical individual. I’ve faced opposition in a number of scenarios, but my voice continued to grow in intensity as I faced more adversity. Rather than allowing opposition to silence us, we must utilize it as empowerment. As long as we nurture our minds as youth, we’ll be able to be equally impactful as we encounter the world.

This commencement speech, written by Christian Bales, 2018 valedictorian of Holy Cross Catholic high school of Covington, KY, was banned by the Diocese of Covington. Christian self-identifies as gay and gender nonconforming, and in addition to being removed from the graduation program, Christian was instructed by the school principal to attend graduation “in male appropriate dress,” which includes dress pants and no makeup or hair accessories.

After the ceremony, Christian and the student body president, Katherine Frantz, whose speech was also rejected, used a blow horn to read their speeches.

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Down in North Carolina

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Graduation was on Saturday, and today I moved out of North Carolina and headed up to New York. I realize that in my last post I failed to reflect on North Carolina as a place where I lived rather than … Continue reading

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Eric Insler – Coming to a City Near You

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Close readers of this blog since I returned from Nicaragua in May 2016 will surely have observed that I did not love my MBA program. In short, it is too corporate. That being said, it is coming to an end, … Continue reading

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Enduring an Evacuation

This video was made by a current Nicaraguan Peace Corps Volunteer about the recent evacuation that she had to endure. All Volunteers remain in the United States to this date, and it is extremely saddening for myself, all returned Volunteers, certainly the serving Volunteers, as well as their counterparts, friends, host families, and the Peace Corps Nicaragua staff.

Although the major violence of April is over, I still believe there is repression and violence taking place against peaceful protesters. Some were attacked in Niquinohomo, where I lived for a month, on video, and the anti-riot police have been deployed to stop protesters over the past week. There are also accusations that the police continue to harass student protesters in Managua. I also just read online that violent counter-protests may be taking place in Masaya this evening (completely unsubstantiated at this time).

Interestingly, there has been an undercurrent emerging that is accusing the United States, through its various pseudo-imperialistic machinations, of stoking the violence in Nicaragua. While this narrative plays right into Ortega’s hands, I can’t dismiss it. I even heard this refrain going back to when I was a Volunteer from 2014-2016. I have no doubt that the United States continued to immorally meddle in Nicaragua’s internal affairs. The NICA Act is exhibit number one. I’m just not sure if we have much direct influence over the current anti-government protesting taking place. Regardless, inform yourself, share with others, and use your voice for positive change.

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As of Tonight, There is No Peace Corps in Nicaragua

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Today the US Peace Corps evacuated Nicaragua.

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On the Violence in Nicaragua

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Every society can be defined in relation to a revolution: Pre-Revolutionary, Revolutionary, Counter-Revolutionary, and Post-Revolutionary. And the history of revolution is cyclical, not linear. Post-Revolutionary societies bleed into Pre-Revolution, and the line is very fuzzy. To achieve success, to truly … Continue reading

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Travel Unlocked

ChickenBus has launched! Head on over to ChickenBus.co and you will be able to search hundreds of bus routes in Nicaragua. Never before have the inter-city routes of Nicaragua been searchable over an easy-to-use interface.

We are already hungry to expand to more countries. If you would like to support us in this endeavor, you may do so through our GoFundMe campaign.

Please follow us and share ChickenBus with others:

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Introducing ChickenBus

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El Tránsito is a seaside village on the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua. It is home to talented female artisans, some of the best surfing waves in the world, and rich fishing banks. However, reaching El Tránsito is difficult without intricate … Continue reading

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During the course in Grenoble I had one free day. Grenoble is only a few hours from Geneva, which is in far western Switzerland. While no one raved about Geneva, I did hear that there were some nice sites to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Countries

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Since departing Amsterdam my posts have been erratic, mainly comprised of videos that fail to tell the full story of my onward journey. I’ll fill you in here. After Amsterdam I went to England to spend New Years with my … Continue reading

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