My flights went well and I arrived on schedule. Walked around a bit, ate, and prepared for tomorrow. Very tired now.

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One day you think you’ll have a free week between your internship and the start of your second and last year of grad school, and the next day you find out that you’re going to Lebanon. I’m going to Lebanon. … Continue reading

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My Summer Internship

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After a long and arduous internship search, I wound up receiving and accepting an offer to work at a company that was near the top of my list the entire time: United Parcel Service. UPS. I was invited to work … Continue reading

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Grandparents in China, 1988

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You may have just noticed a series of typewritten travelogues with dates from June, 1988, approximately six months before I was born: Florida-San Francisco-Shanghai Beijing Xi’an Canton Bangkok Singapore Hong Kong-Vancouver-San Francisco-Florida They were written by my grandfather upon returning … Continue reading

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Hong Kong-Vancouver-San Francisco-Florida

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