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Learn. Innovate. Prosper.

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As I traveled around Nicaragua and spoke to more and more people involved in the Peace Corps Entrepreneurial Education program, I found out more and more about a big change that the government made in the high school entrepreneurship curriculum. … Continue reading

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Asking Ourselves a Fundamental Question

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Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll about the future of Incidents of Travel! Most people would like me to continue the blog in one form or another, and I am going to strive to keep Incidents of … Continue reading

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The Loudspeaker System

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The Sandinistas first came to power battling an enemy. Then, after vanquishing the American-backed Somoza dictatorship, they almost immediately found themselves in a civil war with the American-backed Contras. From the organization’s foundation in the 60’s until 1989, they had … Continue reading

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My Last Post on Value-Added Production

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I put up my previous post on Chocolate Momotombo to show a great example of a Nicaraguan company engaging in value-added production.  In October of last year I was having a conversation with another volunteer (not Peace Corps) in Nicaragua. … Continue reading

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Training Teachers

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If you asked me what my favorite part of service is and what I enjoy doing the most, the answer I would give you is teacher trainings. First of all, it gives me an opportunity to talk, a lot, to … Continue reading

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Gender Equality in Nicaragua

This article is being cross-posted on my economics blog, The Economics Of … Check out the other blog if you’d like! The article was also submitted to the Peace Corps Nicaragua Gender & Development Committee for publishing on their blog, but … Continue reading

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Safe Zones

For much of my service I’ve been involved in an effort by the Peace Corps to bring same-sex couples to serve in Nicaragua. Since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act this became a legal possibility, and … Continue reading

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A Tertulia of Our Own

Today was one of the bi-weekly tertulias held in the León Central Plaza (everyone here calls it the central park, but it resembles nothing of a park and resembles everything of a plaza, so I suppose it could be translated … Continue reading

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Fíjense que…

This article was originally intended to post on September 3, but was unable to due to storage restrictions on my old site. Fíjense que… class is cancelled! This is something I’ve been hearing a lot lately. So I figured it’s time for … Continue reading

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