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Being and Belonging

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In January I found myself somewhere in the middle of France. I was in a BlaBla Car being driven from Lyon to my final destination, Paris. We stopped at a gas station and rest stop. The weather that day was … Continue reading

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Travel Unlocked

ChickenBus has launched! Head on over to ChickenBus.co and you will be able to search hundreds of bus routes in Nicaragua. Never before have the inter-city routes of Nicaragua been searchable over an easy-to-use interface. We are already hungry to expand to … Continue reading

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Introducing ChickenBus

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El Tránsito is a seaside village on the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua. It is home to talented female artisans, some of the best surfing waves in the world, and rich fishing banks. However, reaching El Tránsito is difficult without intricate … Continue reading

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Epilogue: The Saga of Telica

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Working with the rural tourism cooperative was one of my biggest business advising project, one of the most challenging, and absolutely one of my favorites. I chronicled the whole saga when I left Nicaragua in May. I’m lucky to have … Continue reading

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The Saga of Telica

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One of my main business advising projects was the rural tourism cooperative at Telica Volcano. I’ve written some articles about them that I am quite fond of, so I will not rehash all of the details here. Bottom line: I love working … Continue reading

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What a Bad Week Looks Like

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Wondering what a “bad week” in the Peace Corps looks like? Look no further. I had a bad week. It didn’t suck. I’m not miserable. It was just blah. Things didn’t go my way. I went into this week hoping … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico: Day Five

Not much happened on day four after I got back from Nevis, but day five was a pleasant day trip. The pilots (my brother’s co-workers) got tipped off by Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) and Andrew Zimmerman (Bizarre Foods) about a “pork … Continue reading

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Unholy Trinity of Public Land Management

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This is a story of poverty, development and progress. It starts 50 – 40 years ago. Nicaragua has always been ‘too far from heaven and too close to hell.’ At first, this hell was Spain and its brutal colonial system. … Continue reading

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There is nothing like the sweet taste of working on a project, planning, communicating, seeing it through, executing, and feeling a sense of success at the other end. Back on Ometepe I was introduced to Marco, from Mateare. He works … Continue reading

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One of my best friends in Nicaragua is Ruben. He is a fellow Volunteer, and lives in the town of Achuapa. It is in the northern reaches of the Department of León. He closes his service on October 27, and … Continue reading

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