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Back to Singapore

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Going to Africa

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I’ve been struggling with how to blog about this experience so far. It has been two weeks since I have been abroad. However, I do not have a lot of experiences, per say, to write about. I have some pretty … Continue reading

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In a city known for museums, I did not go to any. Let me explain: Paris was my last stop on my monthlong Eurotrip. I had never been to Paris before, let alone France prior to this trip. Going to … Continue reading

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I always have grand ambitions to write and document everything I experience and see. Sometimes time gets away from me or motivation wanes and I do not get to post about a place I go or something I see. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Do You Wanna Tijuana

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Being and Belonging

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In January I found myself somewhere in the middle of France. I was in a BlaBla Car being driven from Lyon to my final destination, Paris. We stopped at a gas station and rest stop. The weather that day was … Continue reading

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Eric Insler – Coming to a City Near You

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Close readers of this blog since I returned from Nicaragua in May 2016 will surely have observed that I did not love my MBA program. In short, it is too corporate. That being said, it is coming to an end, … Continue reading

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Travel Unlocked

ChickenBus has launched! Head on over to ChickenBus.co and you will be able to search hundreds of bus routes in Nicaragua. Never before have the inter-city routes of Nicaragua been searchable over an easy-to-use interface. We are already hungry to expand to … Continue reading

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Introducing ChickenBus

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El Tránsito is a seaside village on the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua. It is home to talented female artisans, some of the best surfing waves in the world, and rich fishing banks. However, reaching El Tránsito is difficult without intricate … Continue reading

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During the course in Grenoble I had one free day. Grenoble is only a few hours from Geneva, which is in far western Switzerland. While no one raved about Geneva, I did hear that there were some nice sites to … Continue reading

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