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Back to Singapore

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Wanted: Dream Job

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Sometime last year, in the depths of a disparaging job search, I was day dreaming about what truly are my dream jobs. People at business school are always talking about finding dream jobs. I find it hard to believe you’ll … Continue reading

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Eric Insler – Coming to a City Near You

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Close readers of this blog since I returned from Nicaragua in May 2016 will surely have observed that I did not love my MBA program. In short, it is too corporate. That being said, it is coming to an end, … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Rangers

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“I have to work on my slides.” We were 13 MBA interns in marketing this summer. I heard that cringe worthy phrase from at least one of my peers at least once a day, starting at around week three. It … Continue reading

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The Lion Sleeps

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Although I went to Nicaragua in March 2014 and I completed my service in May 2016, the complete journey feels a bit longer than that. Just before Labor Day 2013 I was presented with a choice. I could stay with … Continue reading

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By coincidence, it was the day that the government shutdown of 2013 ended. October 17, 2013 was the busiest work day of my life. I had an immensely long to-do list. I deliberately woke up early at a hotel room … Continue reading

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Gender Equality in Nicaragua

This article is being cross-posted on my economics blog, The Economics Of … Check out the other blog if you’d like! The article was also submitted to the Peace Corps Nicaragua Gender & Development Committee for publishing on their blog, but … Continue reading

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