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It’s me. I was wondering if after all this time you were wondering where I was. Surprise! Hello from the other side. I came home for Thanksgiving. Some things with my family conspired last week to make a trip feasible, so last Wednesday night I booked flights to NY, and then a flight from NY to Puerto Rico to visit the island and my brother who is living there for work at the moment.

Only my parents and brother knew that I was coming. Last year I made fun of Thanksgiving travelers. Karma in the form of Spirit Airlines standby purgatory came back to bite me this year, but I did get home on Tuesday as planned.  On Thursday everyone at my Aunt and Uncle’s house were very surprised to see me, and I have contacted many of my local friends to meet up as well.

On Friday I do the most Westchester thing possible with some of my hometown friends. All of my friends have made it out of the town where nothing ever happened, but were around for Thanksgiving. We got coffee in Tarrytown and then walked down to the river and sat on benches overlooking the river and the bridge. I made sure to get a picture because last week I had a conversation with a friend about the Hudson and he didn’t believe me that we have a bridge that is 5 km long and such a wide river.


On Saturday I did the other most Westchester thing possible: I took the train into the City to see a friend and meet his girlfriend of two years for the first time. I walked to and from Grand Central and just admired the City. All I could think was what reaction a Nicaraguan would have to the City and the architecture. There’s such a difference between NY and Nicaragua, and a million miles. It is so profoundly different that I think my friends in Nicaragua would be in awe, I am sure. I can be very critical of the United States on this blog, but there are some excellent aspects of our country, such as the relative safety of New York City and its architecture.

On Monday I fly down to Puerto Rico to visit my brother’s winter work home, where I will stay until next Sunday, when I fly back to Managua. It’s no secret that I am running out of time in Nicaragua. And looking back on this week, I didn’t get to see all of my friends, but at least I can say that I’ve tried. I’m gonna throw some more photos up on this post when I get some from my Uncle that we took on his camera on Thanksgiving Day.

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