El Niño Hiatus

My most loyal readers have surely realized that I have not posted much lately. Things are hot and dusty here in León right now. Unfortunately, El Niño is walloping Nicaragua and much of Central America. A lot of communities are really hurting because of a prolonged drought that has set in over the last two years. My blogging drought has no relation to El Niño (although, coincidentally, it does coincide with a young German named Nino moving into my house here in León), but instead can be attributed to a computer that has slowed down and some minor blog server problems.


Nino, El Niño

Nevertheless, I am committed to chronicling my final months in Nicaragua, and I have a number of articles ready to go. Consider this past month my El Niño hiatus. I am back!Starting this weekend, I will post them over the next week so you do not get overwhelmed with too many articles at once.

Personal Goals

Training Teachers

The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua

The New Economic Paradigm

Robert Nelson, Peace Corps Volunteer Leader, Geopolitics Expert, Budding Ice Cream Model

Robert Nelson, Peace Corps Volunteer Leader, Geopolitics Expert, Budding Ice Cream Model

In the meantime, I recommend that you read an article published in a blog by The Diplomat Magazine, written by my site-mate Robert Nelson:

China’s Fantasy Canal Doing Real Damage in Nicaragua

The piece is about the Nicaraguan canal project. I write a satirical piece and get censored by the Volunteer magazine, so I have to publish it on my measly blog; he does the same thing and gets into a world renowned magazine! In all seriousness, having been in León for nearly a year now with Robert, he is a very impressive person for whom I see a bright future.

Finally, if you were wondering, my oft neglected economics blog is not dead yet. I’m working on a series of articles for The Economics of … on international trade and free trade agreements and hope to be getting them up shortly. Fun stuff!

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