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Well, it’s really not all that new, but its themes and content will take a shift. If you’re lucky I may even redesign the look of the blog sometime soon (it hasn’t failed me yet though).

Two months into my post-Peace Corps life and I am officially a resident of North Carolina. The heat has been comparable to good ‘ole León, but the humidity so far surpasses the dry and dusty Occidente of Nicaragua. I’m now in grad school at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, and I’ve carefully thought through what I would like to do with this blog. A few months ago I asked my readers what they thought. Here is the summary of their opinions:


The poll is now closed, and I have decided to continue writing in Incidents of Travel, focusing on my experiences in grad school, as well as any travel or cultural experiences that I have, interspersed with the occasional political and social commentary that I have become fond of writing and posting. I also plan on continuing to write in my oft neglected but not forgotten other blog, The Economics Of….

Some posts I am hoping to post in the near to distant future:

  • The Economics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • My thoughts on hyper-mobility and society of our days
  • An Insiders’ Guide to León
  • Architecture of León

Apologies for not having an Economics of Brexit post. During Brexmania I was in the re-adjustment mindset, and not thinking about blogging as much as I normally do.

For anyone looking for an update on my life, I moved to Chapel Hill, NC on July 7th. I began no-credit prep classes on Monday the 11th, and they concluded on Wednesday, August 3. They went well for me. We primarily focused on accounting and finance basics. Orientation for the program begins today! I will have 298 classmates, last I heard.

I’ve also been focusing on my future career and what I see myself doing professionally for the foreseeable future. If anyone wants to help me with ideas or networking, at its most broad definition I am interested in “International Commerce.” Here is a list of my more specific interests:

  • Logistics
  • International Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Export/Import
  • Emerging Markets
  • Transportation, Shipping, & Airlines
  • Agriculture, Food Processing, & Co-packing

Classwork has not been completely overwhelming yet, so I’ve had time to do some minimal exploration around the Research Triangle area and see many friends that live in the area, both old and new. I’ve been running, biking around, and using the campus climbing gym (I find auto-belay petrifying) to try and keep the Post-PC 15 off, but I fear that I am only just barely fending off the sheer quantity (and not that expensive) of craft beers available in the area.

As seen around Chapel Hill:

If we have not seen each other since I have gotten back, fear not. I literally have a long list of people I want to see and get in touch with. Chances are you are on it! Reach out to me, or rest assured that I will reach out to you soon.

Please note, in an effort to make the blog more manageable, I have removed all posts from prior to to the old website, From time to time you may come across an inactive link. If this happens to you and you would like to access content, please just let me know and I will make sure that you have access to everything that I have published. 


Free futon and couches available for friends in my house. Offer only available until you turn 30 (see, The Murtaugh List). I have a friendly roommate. He is hypoallergenic and does not bite. Chapel Hill, NC, conveniently located between DC and Atlanta. Drive, fly (I am a 20 minute drive from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport), or take a bus (MegaBus has special $1 fares).

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