Epilogue: The Saga of Telica

Working with the rural tourism cooperative was one of my biggest business advising project, one of the most challenging, and absolutely one of my favorites. I chronicled the whole saga when I left Nicaragua in May.

I’m lucky to have stayed in touch with the coop members, mainly over Facebook. I’m thrilled to say that they are doing great. They had a great summer, putting the new restaurant to use with group bookings. Plus, their new storefront in León is paying off and booking more and more tours for tourists. They sent me some photos of a full house at the restaurant:

Communicating with them makes me very happy, and I hope to stay in communication with them for the rest of my life. I’ve also spoken with other people in Nicaragua. The fish processing cooperative is still moving slowly, but they now have a business plan that is slowly being implemented. Progress! My teachers and students seem to also be doing well.

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